Brushing your aura

The air of mystery is an energy subject that surrounds the frame .you could issue what a strange factor to do , is it possible ? yes is the answer.this may cleanse and make certain the power within your charisma is flowing freely around the body .Its a relaxing of the air of secrecy ( suitable

you are recovering from an illness,or if a few one has got in in your space and annoyed you . ) feeling out of types .And the best way to sweep your air of secrecy is to apply a bit of uncooked Selenite ( wand ).begin by means of sitting or standing with the Selenite for your hand and lightly begin brushing your air of mystery
as you’ll brush your hair ,starting on the top of your head the usage of lengthy downward strokes until you reach your ft .whilst you reach the ground selenite crystal, tap the wand on the floor (lightly ) this eliminates the negative energies which have constructed up in the air of secrecy . repeat this again and

or really get some i else to do it for you .Selenite – the calming stone however it’s miles a effective crystal. truely suitable in non secular work and meditation, brings you deep inner peace and has a exquisite vibration ..Selenite have to never be cleansed with water as it wiil begin to dissolve whilst moist depart inside the moon mild or use a smudge stick on it .Love and mild
it .Love and mild Paul .